About Us

Christopher Barham

Christopher is a multidimensional being who is here on Earth to foster and spread unconditional love. He sees opportunities for other people through his creative and adventurous mind and spirit.

Christopher experienced an awakening to his life-purpose the first time he read someone’s Akashic Record, and wishes to assist All with the Akashic modality. It is Christopher’s intention to help people align with unity, love, care, and compassion, and to shine like stars as they fully express their deepest selves. Christopher currently resides in Canada and is a Certified Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom Consultant and Healer, and graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. 

Lenea Rubina

Lenea Rubina, a compassionate and joyous being, is here to assist in the spiritual and practical transformation of Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.

She works with the Ray of Wisdom to rehabilitate energies that are wrongly aligned, abused, or misaligned for negative purposes. Lenea has a natural curiosity which assists and propels her into adventures and discoveries of lost or unknown spiritual technologies and practices.

Lenea has a love of nature, and regularly spends time in the natural world exploring and purifying ley lines and other ancient human-made structures. Lenea is an active multidimensional healer who uses a variety of modalities to support peoples’ return to and manifestation of their highest and best self. Lenea currently resides in Denmark.

Lenea Rubina and Christopher enjoy a warm, loving, friendship in which their energies combine and give birth to a higher consciousness that opens up new realms, information, spiritual technologies, knowing and understanding which they are able to use in their work with others.

They enjoy consulting together to solve various challenges people face, as well as helping Mother Earth to heal. Lenea and Christopher have known each other for a number of years, and very much looking forward to meeting in person one day.

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