Crystal Heart Healing is dedicated to assisting all to enjoy an amazing life filled with pleasure, joy, happiness, and love.

We have no set prescriptions, and instead work with your Akashic Guides and other beings of the light interested in assisting you to identify, clear, heal, and positively transform those parts calling to be assisted in your journey back to source. On this page you can see some of the exciting and beautiful tools we can use to support your unfolding.

When you work with us, everything is done by distance. We will need you to send us a brief overview of what you would like us to focus on, be it specific challenges, concerns, patterns, upgrades, healing etc., and then arrange payment by Paypal or MobilePay.

Upon receipt of the funds, Lenea Rubina and Christopher will set up a time to meet virtually to work with your energies and let you know when this is to be. You can continue with your normal daily activities at the time of the healing/reading, or if you prefer, relax and take things in this way.

After the session is completed, you will be sent a written or spoken summary of the outcomes, usually within 24 hours or less.


If you are suffering with physical pain, we are able to assist you to reduce the affect or completely transform this relentless, exhausting issue.

We have found there can be many contributing factors to pain beyond what specifically is in the physical body. Multi-dimensional lives or “past lives”, alien technology, misadjusted spiritual anatomy, and other factors can all contribute to a life where you are not moving on, stuck in an ongoing circle of pain unable to reach your highest potential due to fatigue and depressive thoughts.

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Alien Technology Removal

If you are wishing to remove non-physical level alien technology and/or set up protection protocols that are inter-generational and that can extend into your multidimensionality, we have significant successful experience to assist you with your personal liberation in this domain.

There is a nearly infinite manner of ways humans have experienced manipulation, adjustment, and intrusion of their wholeness by foreign entities. What matters most is there is awareness of this situation and a decision to let go of all of these projections. In the process of removing alien technologies and protecting yourself and your loved ones from them, a new consciousness and awareness can take root, and new layers discovered. 

Some specific examples of non-physical alien technology removed from people’s body and energy field include basic wiring, amplifiers, magnetic dust, wi-fi related electronics, portals, trackers, projectors, and the list goes on. One new finding, (2018), is that it appears every mother generates a tracker code for their physically born child. These can be removed, including that of the mother and the entire ancestral line.

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Vaccine exposure

The Guides have introduced a new healing approach for those suffering with modern day vaccine exposure. You may be aware that the new vaccines introduce a conscious imprint that ultimately lowers our vibrational frequency, can change our DNA, and can create new vulnerabilities including long-term illness.

With the removal of the energetic signature of a vaccine, your pre-vaccinated health and vitality may be regained.

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Are you struggling with a disease or chronic health issue?

We can help you to reduce the symptoms with which you are suffering, or in some cases, completely transform the problem. Every situation is different, and it may require clearing, repairing, or charging your spiritual and light bodies.

Cellular structures, including DNA and other vibratory levels may also be worked on. Ingrained dualistic images, beliefs or misconceptions are also often connected with disease and chronic health challenges.

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House Clearing

Would you like to improve the day to day living within your home or property?

A new trend we are experiencing is people asking us to energetically clear their homes and accompanying land, including the surrounding areas of negative influences.

Some people have been long-term owners of a specific property, others have wanted to set things right before they moved in to a new home. It is even possible to do this work as a part of the consideration process for a potential new purchase.

Negative energies, entities, ancient trauma in the area, ley lines, and much more can all have an impact on one’s day to day life. Clearing, protection processes, and re-invigorating the natural structures and Earth frequencies make all the difference for a happy home.

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One of the most profound manners in which we can assist you is re-awakening, nurturing, and deepening your inherent self-love. This vital key unlocks your deepest potential and capacities, and is a portal through which we are all called to enter. It contains inter-dimensional grids and vibrates within our DNA.

Self-love is fundamental for our lives and existence. It is about learning to connect to our interior World and distinguish between our false and real needs. This may connect with our values, images, beliefs and misconceptions inherited through family, culture, or even distortions in our perceptions of unity and duality. So it is important to find within our own hearts, what we deeply seek and long for, so we can be present to what is already within. Typically the message is a soft expression of emotion, as opposed to a harder reactionary vibration. All of aspects of one’s life can be expressed or reflected in the sacred temple of self-love, be it food, friends, habits, clothing, what one spends time doing…everything!

Self-love may also be considered from the perspective of how we consciously direct its flow or vibration. It is infinite in expression, whether we are still, or doing something active that is a part of our purpose that generates joy and happiness in our lives. Flow and vibration can be present even when it seems things are stationary. Importantly, as we deepen into self-love, subtle changes affect the relationship we have with ourselves and others. This includes the physical, thoughts, emotions, spiritual energies, and other interconnectedness science is still working to discover and understand.

It is healthy, to recognize ourselves as both normal and unique, with gifts to share. As our self-love becomes stronger, gentle higher vibrational frequencies connected with who we truly are may more fully manifest.

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Would you like to be connected to the Ray of Abundance?

Abundance is about the quality of your life! It is about health and vitality, fulfilling relationships, money, internal joy, and so much more.  How do you approach your life and perceive that which is already around you? Are you aware of the multitude of pleasurable, happy, positive feelings you can have between the time you wake up and get out of bed? What about the rest of the day? Would you consider an abundance of air as the same thing as an abundance of monetary wealth? What is your abundance connection like with yourself, with your family, with society and the universe? If you have poverty and victim consciousness, or vows or contracts of poverty trapped in your energy field inhibiting your abundance, deeper clearing work is required to help unblock your flow. Let us help you to reconnect with the Ray of Abundance, so you can once again consciously feel it’s warmth and pleasure throughout your body and life!

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Soul Purpose

Are you wanting to better understand your purpose for being here on Earth, and to clarify what inner transformation will help you to reach your highest vibrational potential?

We can work with your guides to confirm what your soul’s purpose is at this time, and a path that you can take to reach your highest and best self. Along this journey there will be things to recognize and integrate, and we will support you in this work, including clearing blockages and bringing unseen factors into your awareness be they emotional, energetic, or otherwise.

Feel your soul’s purpose, embrace action to learn about it, and embody the gift of who you are.

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There are many ways we can work with relationships. The most important step is to deepen the relationship you have with your own soul. Ideally you come to understand your woundings and dualistic distortions, your needs, and your natural gifts and talents. This then allows you be aware of how your projections, images, beliefs, and misconceptions shape and co-create your life experience, including the fears and vicious circles that never seem to go away. In other words, you learn how you dance with yourself and others.

As you look honestly and lovingly at your personal situation and develop an understanding of yourself and your inner moving mechanisms, a deep level of self- trust, self-worth, and self-love starts to emerge. It then becomes much easier to be completely transparent with others, and at the same time, open yourself to being vulnerable in a way that matches a situation.

Some relationships can be experienced in a happy and “positive” manner, while others are steeped in significant pain and challenges well beyond their “Best Before Date”! All relationships are beautifully designed, however, for personal growth.

Part of the work we do with you is to help bring unknown patterns and energies to your awareness and resolve or clear them, be they contracts, vows, family ancestral patterns, or other multi-dimensional energies. As this happens, you are able to  free yourself of troubling issues in the present moment, and take action to change your life’s situation.

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Ray of Wisdom

The Ray of Wisdom is nestled within, and is a part of your Heart. It is a vibrational frequency, like the other rays, and designed to help bring one closer to one’s essence or highest vibrational self. It is also a source field from which knowledge may emerge.

We work with you to support integrating the Ray of Wisdom’s frequency more profoundly within your cellular structure. The process of getting to know the Ray of Wisdom includes a combination of different coloured light, sound, geometry, and other vibrations.

After the Ray of Wisdom Integration, your cells vibrate differently with the increase in amplitude of this frequency. You are also provided instructions as how to enter and use the Ray of Wisdom source field in your daily life.

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Rishi-Self Activation

“Let your Rishi-Self be fully unleashed so that it may grace this Universe with who you truly are!”

If this World were to operate out of its Rishi-Self, global transformation would be immediate. Naturally not everyone is at that point in this moment, however, many are, and they can help to accelerate the shift in the planet’s course to deep-hearted truth and action.

We have been given a gift to activate and bring forth your Rishi-Self into your conscious awareness. This is an upgrade process that results in you being connected to what is considered at this time, the highest form of “Self”.  You may call upon your Rishi self to access information, knowledge, and understanding that would not other wise be available to you in your current physical body. This higher dimensional wisdom, understanding, and awareness can be used to help guide decision-making and choices in all that you do. As you integrate the Rishi-Self into your physical consciousness, it becomes a part of you as a natural expression of who you are.

Your Rishi-Self will become available for you to enjoy if your time is now! If your Rishi-Self is not quite ready to activate, we will clear, upgrade, and clarify what further steps for you to take so that you can consciously integrate this higher vibrational part of yourself.

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There are many ways in which we can work with you and your pet. On a physical and emotional level, assisting a pet it is very similar to working with a human. There can be a variety of diseases and psychological issues that an animal being deals with, and these can be worked with from the source field, so new patterns and outcomes can come forth.

There are many possibilities as to why a pet could be in your life. Understanding your connection with it can deepen the greater relationship and divine love that you both share.  We can help you with this process, so you are more consciously connected with your pet’s needs, heart, and essence.

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