Standing in one’s own authority has often been misunderstood. It is not so much about power over another, or even strength to withstand the withering fire of other’s attacks, but rather simply inhabiting the unified core of who you are and who we all are, linked to source, however you wish to describe or imagine that. For some this will be God, others the Goddess, or a central energy, it matters not what you call it, for the image can be different to match your understanding at this time. It is all the same.
Standing in one’s authority is both easy and challenging. It does require a certain setting aside of your own individual interests at times, and may even land as a calling or yearning, or call to action. It could also be a very clear picture. Regardless of how it emerges as an experience, it does usually involve looking at one’s own self and society, and noticing something amiss.
Early childhood often diminishes inner authority, as parents unwittingly control and dominate their children emotionally and energetically to help them develop appropriate behaviour, habits, and other valued practices or ways of living. It is no wonder during the teenage years, many begin their rebellion of self, to find their own inner authority. By this time, many of the images and belief structures around society, systems, and even family are well ingrained, so the acts of self are generally relatively modest.
So it is not really until someone starts to really examine their life experience, not just themselves, but all that is around them that a grown up approach to inner authority emerges. There are always exceptions to this but for most, this is the natural process. It is not easy work, and seems to be never ending, as layer upon layer is discovered.
Eventually, self-authority becomes more of a vibration inside. One no longer blames, or even complains too much, but rather takes the actions required in the moment to work with what is. This is also where wisdom may come in, to support what one chooses to do or not do. Nevertheless, inner authority reverberates deeply within someone, and it is ultimately a matching or mismatching of what is, to what is within one’s heart. For each being has within them the template of what is, has always been, and always will be. Every man and woman knows deep within, where the true North Star is. Every man and woman has within their consciousness an inherent awareness of what is and what is appropriate for every situation. They may not have full access to this wisdom and understanding, however, the tools are there to live fully in harmony with all that is.
Inner authority may bring up areas that one needs to work on within oneself. One may have inner authority for example being subtly or overtly overridden by an addiction of some sort. It is quite normal at this time in humanity that our outer awareness and layers are not driven by inner authority but rather outer authority, as that is how people have been raised. This creates unexpected problems, because this orientation damages flow within, and connection with inner authority. Also, one can theoretically look like one has great inner authority because of wealth etc., but these are not at all necessarily related. With deep inner authority, this World would look very different and the change would be significant and quite fast.
There is a difference between breaking down an old system and seeding one a new. The two may look quite similar at times, but the outcomes will be different. Seeding the new is inherently more coherent, and provides people a refreshed possibility of which to move into. Breaking down an old system is more of a reaction and often leads to incoherence and chaos, although sometimes provides for a space of time for new ideas to percolate and eventually form. All are fine in the end, although seeding a new tends to be faster and less traumatic.
At this time, almost all people are asleep with regard to what is, from a systems perspective. It is possible to relatively quickly awaken to and start making changes to what those in power control. Their veil, and hidden ways can be fully brought forth into plain sight, upon which internal revolution is inevitable.
As people come to understand themselves and their situation, inner authority is a natural outcome. Action.
This does not need to be a violent change, as much as it may be provoked.
Say no to the unethical systems, and go forth in your own inner power, to change and rebuild systems that reflect your inner core as a sovereign free man and woman.

With love
Christopher and Lenea Rubina

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