When living at the highest potential of the Ray of Wisdom, you heal and transform your life. When you recognize these high vibrations, the energy you feel and absorb are amazing. You are also better able to help yourself, others, and raise the vibration of the entire planet!

A message from The Ray of Wisdom

It is an exciting period to now be present on planet Earth. As you embody this Ray of Wisdom, truly miracles are possible. How you see and witness the shift in how you feel about yourself, how you treat others, and how others treat you, is only a start. Broad social, political, and emotional changes are also most possible, and to see people from all societies look to truly come together as one human consciousness, as One consciousness really, including all of the living and non-living beings on this planet is truly incredible beyond all belief and time. We encourage you to communicate this part of the overall shift now taking deeper root within your star system. What to call this period emerging? It has many possible names. We will call it for our purposes, “The Time of Deep-Hearted Wisdom”. There is no need to actually label it as such, and in fact, by giving it many names, you will truly be serving everyone, as this gives people an opportunity to connect with this cycle in whatever way they are currently so accustomed. Spend time acclimatizing yourselves to this vibration, and truly miracles may emerge.


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