Akashic Crystal Heart Unitive Healing

An exciting innovation we offer is Unitive Healing! One of the gifts of Unitive Healing is that you are brought into the Crystal Heart Temple, which is a part of the Akasha. This field of higher consciousness is particularly oriented around blessings, love, and unity, and generates profound individual and broader collective energy clearing and healing.

Unitive Healing involves the Guides working with people both individually and as a group for about 45 minutes. The Guides clear and recalibrate the energies and consciousness to bring people back into harmony and synchronicity with the Whole. In this process, the individual and combined energies re-align more profoundly with the One or Whole, and transformation on all levels both accelerates and deepens. The most common experience people have with this work is the opening of their hearts. They also align more profoundly with the Earth, the Universe, Mother Goddess and Father God.

When you choose to consciously embrace Oneness, not just individually, but also on a collective basis, humanity and all beings begin to function in a more caring, respectful, loving and “aware of all” manner. Unity consciousness comes from the connection within, and the external conscious coming together with others.

Nestled within the Crystal Heart Temple, we will be working on a number of issues and upgrades using the Unitive Healing process, including for example self-love, self-worth, gratitude, fear, relationships, rejection, raising one’s vibration, abundance, DNA upgrades, clearing and protection, and other interesting and helpful areas to help uplift and improve your life. During the Unitive Healing, you may choose to be present to the healing work, sleep, or continue on with your regular day’s activities. Usually within 24 hours after the session is done, everyone receives a brief summary of the Akashic Crystal Heart Unitive Healing.

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