Akashic Crystal Heart Healing

The Akashic Records are a vibratory field of unitive consciousness that when accessed, allow people to open to all the beautiful aspects of themselves and shine like a star. The Records are multi-dimensional in nature, and typically directly unobservable. It is from this place of “coherent nothingness” that all emerges.

When one is consciously connected with the Akasha, change may manifest through a shift in various energies and forces, like gravity for example, that follow a sequence of progressions culminating in bio-energetic-physical adjustments.

What is Akashic Crystal Heart Healing

Akashic Crystal Heart Healing is a form of transmutation based on an ancient knowledge from beyond time. It is source field healing from which all energies emerge and is mystical, structured, and flows freely. Akashic Crystal Heart Healing is an energy of life giving consciousness that has an ability to penetrate deeply into the fabric of all vibrations, physical, living, non-living, energetic, or of any other kind.

When working in this realm, what “is” can be re-moulded and re-shaped to support transformation at all levels. The Akashic Crystal Heart Healing process is multi-dimensional and as one heals, clears, recycles, rearranges, and unifies, additional flavours or aspects of the Divine can come into one’s awareness and grace this World in their beauty and light. Techniques and approaches to work with in-coherence, pain, disease, or distortions in unity are continually developing to meet today’s personal, familial, community, and global challenges.

Enjoy a deep healing and shift your current problems to a place of divine acceptance and gratitude. In re-union, joy, happiness, pleasure, and love manifest.

Blessings, love and unity,

Christopher Barham & Lenea Rubina


We would like to offer you a session for CDN $175, (Canadian), or 850 Kr. (Danish). We very much look forward to helping you with your challenges and soul’s journey. 

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